Features And Functionality

CommPortal – A Universal Integration Tool

Are you looking for a simple, easy-to-use telephone or a system that can be used across all devices and operating systems? Twin Valley can provide it. Our CommPortal application was designed with you in mind. With this program's easy-to-use applications, gain the accessibility to bring your office extension anywhere. 

CommPortal Phone Application

You want a phone that can make calls, get calls, transfer calls, put people on hold, and listen to voicemail. Twin Valley has you covered. We’ve been in the telephone business for over 65 years — we like to think it’s our specialty. Anything you could do on your old PBX, you can do on a hosted system — and much more. 

CommPortal Communicator

Picture this: You’re on a business trip. You check into your hotel room and realize you need to make a call to a colleague. However, the phone number is on your desk phone.

Because you have CommPortal Communicator, you can still complete the call. You can log onto the softphone (a small piece of installed software) on your PC or tablet and click-to-dial. It gives you the ability to make and receive phones calls, just as you would from your desk phone. CommPortal Communicator changes the way you do business outside of the office.  

CommPortal Assistant

People these days have multiple phone numbers: a work phone, a home phone, a personal cell, a work cell, and more. To make communication easier, CommPortal Assistant allows a caller to just dial one number. If you are unable to reach your contact, the system will automatically hang up and dial the next number in the system.

You can also customize settings based on the caller. For instance, create a rule that personal numbers can only be automatically dialed by people you deem appropriate.

CommPortal Accession

Picture this: It’s 4:59 PM on a Friday afternoon. You just picked up a call on your desk phone from a long-winded colleague. With CommPortal Accession, seamlessly push the call over to your cell phone without the caller hearing a thing. Goodbye office, hello weekend. No matter where you are, you’ll have access to the same offerings you were previously only able to get on your desk extension.