Managed Voice makes business mobile  and allows your entire company to
achieve more.

Every dollar your small business spends needs to have an immediate return. This is especially true for critical services such as communication. If you are like millions of small businesses that depend on voice communication to keep your business running, Managed Voice will save you money, improve efficiencies, and keep you connected.

When you put Managed Voice to work for you, you get more. More time to focus on your business. More control over how you communicate. More ways to effectively communicate with
staff and customers. And so much more. Learn how Managed Voice helps you do more than you ever thought possible.

Our phone systems come to you. Desktop, laptop, mobile, car - with Twin Valley Connected Office and Managed Voice your office can be anywhere you need it to be.

Push calls across mobile to your car or laptop. Take calls on the device closest to you. Transfer calls to remote teammates.

Here's how: We host your phone system on our computer servers and route your calls over high-speed Internet to the devices you choose. You'll have complete control of phone numbers, extensions, simultaneous ringing and much more.

There's nothing for you to install, manage or maintain. And the costs are designed with small business in mind.

Modern Office and Managed Voice allows you to focus on your business while we take care of your phone system.


  1. Easy to manage. The simplicity offered by Managed Voice benefits companies of all sizes. You can easily manage and control all communication features from any web browser, including call options, voicemail settings and much more.
  2. Go mobile seamlessly. Regardless of where you are, you will always have access to our full range of options available through our online control panel. Just login and effortlessly make any phone "your" phone so you get to work fast.
  3. Save money. Managed Voice and Connected Office offers a strikingly lower cost of ownership than traditional phone systems. There is no equipment to install or maintain, and automatic feature upgrades mean that our phones can be the last ones you'll ever buy.


  • Access your own online control panel for do-it-yourself changes and management
  • Make calls from your office phone via a mobile based app
  • Move calls seamlessly from your desk phone to your mobile phone (and vice versa)
  • Get voicemails automatically delivered by email
  • Ring multiple devices at once
  • Give executive assistants and administrators access to team member availability, speed dialing, call screen and more

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