Twin Valley Partner Program

Ready to create value for your business customers?

Our phone system helps you and your customers do more. Desktop, laptop, mobile, car - with Twin Valley Managed Voice your office can be anywhere you need it to be.

Here's how: We host your phone system on our computer servers and route your calls over high-speed Internet to the devices you choose. With connectivity to our servers, you gain access to all the features and functions of enterprise class phone service.  You'll have complete control of phone numbers, extensions, simultaneous ringing and much more.

Managed Voice allows you to create a new revenue stream without a large CAPEX investment in cutting edge platform equipment.


  1. Decade of Experience. Partners gain access to an industry leading platform managed by a team of experts with over 10 years of experience deploying customer solutions.  We have learned a lot in that amount of time and put the knowledge into how we approach customer solutions for you.
  2. Complete Customer Control. Your customers know and respect you based on the relationships you have built over time.  You are in complete control of your customer experience.  You manage installation, billing and first line of support for all your customers.
  3. Determine Market and PriceManaged Voice offers a lower cost of ownership than traditional phone systems. Therefore there is opportunity for you to provide cutting edge products at a cost of your choosing.  The market is wherever you have business relationships and can get connectivity back to our servers.


  • Sales Support and Training
    • On sight Sales Training Sessions
    • Joint Sales Calls
    • Sales Materials and Documents
  • Access to Marketing Materials
    • Campaigns
    • Market analysis
  • Accession
    • Mobile Functionality
  • Communicator
    • Web Portal to make changes to functionality
  • Meeting
    • Instant Messaging and Presence
  • Web Presenter
    • Do live presentations on the Web

We hope this peaks your interest enough to give us a call!

Whether to learn more about the system, features, or pricing please call 1-800-515-3311 and ask for Pete, aka Josh Peterson!