get rid of your business phone frustrations with hosted voice.

What do I want to be able to do?

  • Extension Dial
  • Monitor and Record Calls
  • Voicemail/Voicemail to Email
  • Web Based Management
  • Auto Attendant
  • Easy Remote Location
  • Integration with existing systems
  • Add/Delete users with needs of the business

Is a large CAPEX expenditure budgeted?

Let’s be honest, phones are important but until they break we don’t really give it much thought.  The problem with this approach is that could end up costing $20-$40,000 to get a new PBX up and running and a large amount of time lost.  The normal lifespan of a typical PBX system is 7-10 years but voice technology and functionality changes or improves every 2-3 years.  Do you want to be tied to system that will be out of date before you make the last payment and not have the most recent common functions?

Would a fixed monthly rate make more sense?

Have you had a technician come make a change to your traditional PBX system?  Even if they only come to your business to add a call feature, it requires a trip and hourly rate that can result in $200-$500 bill.  With VoIP systems, you are charged a reasonable monthly fee, no large upfront investment and you are in control of your system.  Once it is expertly installed by VoIP technicians, normal changes can be handled by you or a technician remotely.

Do I have access to a reliable Internet connection?

One of the most important pieces of the VoIP puzzle is a reliable high speed Internet connection.  With proper configuration of phones a connection of 10+ Mbps is usually sufficient.  During an initial assessment of your business, a team of technicians will test your existing connection to determine if other sources should be considered.

How important is quickly and accurately responding to customer inquiries?

Email is great and chat can be an easy way to communicate also, but there are times when talking to the customer is the best and most effective way to exchange information and ideas.  In some ways, voice communication is still the most time and cost effective way to make the sale, explain the situation or trouble shoot an issue.

How important is open communication channels within your company?

With so many ways to get in touch with our teammates, do we really need voice?  That depends, are there times when a communication is in the 3rd or 4th email exchange and you think, hmmm, “If I just call them, this could be done in 3 minutes instead of 30?”  We all know meetings can be large time syncs, would a quick conference call be just as good.  Then we would have the 10-15 minutes wasted getting the computer undocked, coffee in hand and walk into the conference room.  Another large benefit of VoIP is the ease of remote access.  If you have Internet access, you can be connected to the business as if you were setting in your office.  Just to keep all the IM people in the company happy, VoIP solutions do include Instant Message, Presence (Available, In Meeting or Away), and Computer Conference. 

Do I have multiple business locations?

If your business is spread across multiple locations, VoIP can usually save you money.  Typically, VoIP technology can save you circuit fees, long distance fees and access line fees.  Instead of paying for multiple lines as you would in a traditional Premise Based Exchange (PBX), you just need the Internet connection and VoIP takes care of all the numbers.

What type of wiring and connections do I have in my building(s)?

Our service runs over CAT5(e).  This is common wiring for computers but might require new wiring to breakrooms, kitchens, and warehouse.  With labor and supplies, wiring a new run depends on the length of run from the switch but normally will fall in the approximate range of $75 to $250.

Is my IT guy a Voice IT guy?

There is a difference.  One is really good at making networks, computers, and printers work flawlessly but the other is sometimes good at those things and call flows, IP configuration, router gateways, and firewalls.

What are the components of a VoIP system?

  • VoIP capable phones
  • Network Services
  • IP configuration
  • LAN
  • WAN
  • Hosted Platform
  • Provisioning
  • Internet Access
  • Gateway
  • Call Completion
  • Greetings
  • Call Flow Patterns
  • Phone #’s moved